About Us

Why would you want to learn a language?
There can be various reasons for a person to learn a new language.

  • A working professional seeking to improve his/her communication skills in order to expand to global markets.

  • A young student seeking to learn a language to open his/her options to pursue higher studies abroad.

  • A young child seeking to learn a regional language to converse with his/her elders and relatives living in the native country.

  • Stay at home moms seeking to improve their communication skills to join various communities and enhance their social circle.

  • People dreaming to travel and see the World seeking to learn a language to overcome the language barriers.

  • People planning to immigrate to a new country and seeking to learn a language of that country in order to make it easy for them to settle there and get good employment opportunities.

  • Senior citizens and retired personnel seeking to learn a language and develop a new hobby.

  • A person seeking to learn a language to open employment opportunities in the corporate sector where translators are required.

Learner’s Classroom is a digital language learning platform that aims at providing quality language learning programs to students seeking to learn a new language or improve the one they already know.

2020, the year of digital revolution, when even groceries were ordered using digital platforms, the idea of Learner’s Classroom took shape with the dream of providing you with a platform to learn a language using just your computer and an internet connection.

Learner’s Classroom provides you with a digital platform where you can browse the language you want to learn, find verified native speaking teachers, check your availability and match it with the teacher’s availability, book your course, schedule your lessons and start taking online live classes hence starting your journey of digital learning.

The courses at Learner’s Classroom are customized according to your needs and requirements. You can either learn individually in one-on-one sessions with your trainer or choose to learn in small groups with students of the same competence level as yours. The trainers at Learner’s Classroom design their courses keeping in mind every aspect of the language they teach, i.e. Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking along with proper understanding and its practical applications.

Learning a language with native speaking teachers provides the student with an enhanced experience at a local level – the practical applications of the language, pronunciation and vocabulary. Being in a live class with the trainer, the student can get the ability to solve their present time problems and consult with the trainer face-to-face.

Learner’s Classroom, considering all the reasons why a learner might want to start learning a language, provides with an ecosystem where you can learn and be a part of a community with other learners from different parts of the world and can connect with them.

Language forms a bond and helps us to connect with our friends, family and community. Being able to speak the language of the country you are living in, gives you the confidence for leading a successful lifestyle.

Ms. Tanushree Jain, the founder of Learner’s Classroom, wanted to create a platform where learners can find native speaking language trainers who can help them with their learning needs and be a part of their journey to better communication. Her vision is to reach out to everyone looking forward to an enhanced experience of learning a language. With her experience as a student and as a professional in many different countries, she understands the importance of language barriers between borders.

Tanushree remembered her dad saying “In India the language of the people changes every 200 kilometres” and she thought that if a country can face so many challenges when it comes to communication, just imagine the challenges when you are travelling to different countries.

Mission statement: Providing a platform that helps people to overcome the language barriers and provides them with the confidence to communicate with others and express their thoughts.