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Foreign languages have always been an attractive learning opportunity for most. We Indians are already adept in languages more than one. Most of us speak a minimum of two languages and if you look within our country itself, you will find at least a hundred different languages being spoken. Amongst so many options near home, willing learners often lose their way in the initial process of choosing. Thus, they tend to look outwards. And this is where the demand for foreign language learning comes in.

At present, the demand for learning foreign as well as Indian languages, i.e., languages from outside and within our country is at an all-time high. In case you are still not sure which language to go for – here are the following metrics which will help you make the final decision.

Languages in India are learned based on the following:-

  • The Professional Opportunities it brings about.
  • Whether or not the language is spoken widely.
  • And last but not the least, purely as a pastime.

Keeping in mind the above metrics, there are 4 languages which at present appear to be the most in-demand and excitable for learners.

  • Numéro un (French) - Salut Comment Ca Va? Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? French has been in demand due to a variety of reasons. It is spoken in several nations across Europe and even in certain provinces of Canada. So, if you are looking forward to journeying across the Continents or have been there due to educational or professional purposes, French language learning might just be the right head start for you! However, worried about where to begin? Jump into www.learnersclassroom.com and we would love to have our expert teachers, develop your passion for French.
  • Di Er (Chinese/Mandarin) – This might appear to be an odd choice for language learning but wait till you see the job market surrounding it. There are numerous jobs in the world market including in India which basically work in translation. Be it literary works or historical artifacts, non–native Mandarin speakers are making it big worldwide. So, if you are interested in learning the language, go ahead and schedule an appointment with us on our website and we shall help you become a dedicated learner.
  • Number Three (English) – In spite of being the largest English-speaking nation in the world, India still has a large up-and-coming population (especially the youth) who do not understand the language well enough. Learning English language can easily help the youth from distant parts of the country take up jobs in the cities which demand English language communication. Moreover, we at Learners Classroom do not believe in only making our students proficient in the spoken form but also believe in extending the proficiency towards reading and writing as well.
  • Nanabafo San (Japanese) –Remember when you were a kid and all those amazing anime and Japanese cartoons adorned your television screens? Growing up, cartoons might no longer be a part of your life but your curiosity about Japanese Culture remains. Why not extend that curiosity further by taking up a course on Japanese? The most rewarding perk of the Japanese language is that it makes job hunting in Japan relatively easier. Someone who speaks Japanese can settle in the country easily in comparison to those who don’t.

Learning a new language can be an enlightening and fun experience. We at www.learnersclassroom.com ensure to deliver the best learning experience to our students. We offer online language learning courses at reasonable prices and the class is all online. Learn from the comfort of your home and take a step ahead in life. Whether for professional or personal purposes, Learners Classroom is here to help you throughout. Get in touch with us and have your first demo class today!


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