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As we all know, questions are an important part of any language.  But how do we know that someone is asking questions? So the answer is very simple: some words, signs, and symbols are used to identify the question. When it comes to the English language there are 9 question words in English i.e. Who, What, Where,  Why, Which, When, Whose, Whom, How. And another sign to identify question words are the sentences starting from these words.

These question words are used to tell you when or where something happened. If you want to know something or you want to ask something you can start your sentence from the question words in English. In this work, we are going to share the usage of these question words with examples. So let's explore the basics of these English words and understand them better with the help of examples.


Question Words in English along With Usage

Here is the list of the most common words that we use in English. Above we have discussed 9 question words which are Who – What – Where – Why – Which – When – Whose – Whom – How. Although “WHOM ”is not such a common word nowadays, you can really see it used in English. However, 8 ‘WH’ question words in English are used as interrogative words.

There are some other words too That can be used as question words in English to ask such as ‘can’ ‘should’ and ‘would’. The answer to this question's words is simple ‘yes’ or ‘no; or an affirmative. Or you say that these words work as expected answers, not the real question words.


The first word of WH question words is ‘WHO’ which is used when you want to know about the person. Who is used if you do not remember who someone is, or You want to know the person who has done something?

Examples of Who Question word in English:

  • Who is that actor in that action movie which we saw last weekend? I can’t remember the name of that actor.
  • Who has taken out the dishes from the dishwasher? 
  • Who is in the kitchen?
  • Who is the writer of that book?


“Where” This wh question word is used when you want to know the location or the place of something or someone.  Where the word is used if you want to ask about the largest places such as any state or a country (Where is New York City). for the smaller place you can also use the word where For example where is the washroom or where is your house you live in.  you can also use the word where if you have lost something or put something in any place and don't remember it.  You can also use this word if you are planning for a vacation.

Examples of Where Question word in English:

  • Where is my phone? 
  • Where is the washroom?
  • Where do you live?
  • Where do you want to go for vacation?
  • Where are we going tonight?


Why is one of the common question words in English used when you want to know the reason for any situation or some circumstances or something else.  So if you are looking for the reason for anything then the Why word is used.  You can be used like why someone has done this? Or you want to know the reason and ask why the solution to this problem is taking too much time. Why is it the most commonly used question word in English? Why question words are asked when you are looking for some information or want to learn the reason.

Example of Why Question word in English:

  • Why did you say that?
  • Why did you choose that person for speech?
  • Why are you not doing this?
  • Why are we going to a party tomorrow?


“When” is one of the question words in English used if you want to know the time of any situation or something happened? Word when is a right choice for you if you want to ask something in the past or in the future. This word is commonly used for the history of all the things which had already happened. or you can use this word to make some plans or you want to know the time for any happening in the future. Here we are going to share some examples of when which are commonly used in our daily life.

Example of When Question Word in English:

  • When will you be back from your class?
  • When did the meeting take place?
  • When did you move from your office?
  • When do you want to go shopping?


“Which” is one of the most specific WH question words. This word is used when you want to select something between the two things. This word is used when you have to choose either this or that. which is not as common as other question words in English but still you will hear it here and there frequently.

Example of which Question Word in English:

  • Which cuisine would you like: Italian or Chinese?
  • Which dress should I wear? The White or the Pink one?
  • Which day will suit you? Saturday or Sunday?


“How” a question word is used to know the process. It is one of the special question words because it doesn't start with w. how is used to ask the manner or the way of doing anything. You can also use this word when you want to know the number of things such as how many Tomatoes are in the basket.  so so you can use the word w to know the number of something for the process to get completed.

Example of How Question Word in English:

  • How was your day?
  • How do you spend your vacation?
  • How many breads do you have?
  • How did you get to their house?


Summing Up:

In this blog, we have discussed the question words in English. I hope it helps you to understand the usage of WH question words.  You can also think of some examples of these words. If you want to learn English online you can contact us, we also have many programs to learn a new language.


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  • By: wordy smith
    1 year ago

    "Question words" are really a kind of pronoun. They're often called "wh" words by linguists because in English so many begin with "wh": who, what, when, which, whom, whose, etc. as well as "how". You treat them as placeholder nouns. For example, in the sentence: Bob went home. You can ask where Bob went: Bob went where? https://wordmaker.info/how-many/question.html