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When you are communicating any news, story, or event to another person, they can stop you in between to ask for further clarification if something is unclear. They can also show visual cues with which you understand that you need to pause and repeat your words so that the other person understands them. However, it isn’t easy to ascertain whether what you have written is fully clear to your reader when you are writing. It’s because it’s easy to lose sight of your reader in the absence of any sensory signals. Thus, you should know what is readability. When you check your writing for it, it can help you better communicate your message in an easily understandable way.


What is Readability?


To make your text easy to understand, you should know about the readability definition. Put simply; it’s the quality of reading ease in your content or writing. It’s a measure of how easily a person can read a text. Various elements of your content influence readability. Everything from the complexity of the writing, its familiarity, typography, and word choice, all impact how easily a person can read your text and understand it.

Apart from that, your sentences length, structure, and syllables per word also contribute to readability. These factors allow the assessment of whether your write-up has the potential to be understood. Thus, you can define readability as a quality that tells you how accessible and clear your content is to read. It’s a significant element of user experience. Only clear and accessible writing forges trust in your reader about what you are saying.


What’s the Significance of Readability?


After understanding readability meaning in writing, you need to know its significance. When you write content with high readability, your readers comprehend your message clearly. Readable content minimizes the chances of misunderstandings and lets the reader easily absorb and make sense of your message. 


It is crucial to produce readable content in the business, particularly in the marketing domain. You might as why is readability important here. It’s because it can impact the engagement of a target audience with the content. 


The search engine Google also uses readability as a ranking factor. It is linked to the behavior of humans while they are reading website content. If they find the content too challenging to read, they’ll leave the website and never return to it. Moreover, content that’s easy to read is also easy to navigate. It stimulates a person to stay on your website longer and interact with your services. 


Readability is also important because of the increase in Artificial Intelligence-powered home assistants. People are increasingly using voice search to look for information. Thus, their queries are turning more conversational. In addition, they now structure their search in the form of a question. So, businesses need to anticipate what their questions are and write readable content based on them.


What Does Readability Score Mean


To write easy to read and consume content, it must have a good readability score. So, it's essential to understand what is a readability score. The score allows you to know the level of education a reader needs to read a piece quickly. This score demonstrates a grade level close to the number of years of education an individual has had. 

A popular score for the readability test is Flesch Kincaid. A score close to 8 equates to a reading level of an American grade 8 student (13 to 14 years). Therefore, if you want your text to be easily understood by a large chunk of your audience, you need to work for a Flesh Kincaid grade ranging between 8 to 10. It means that 85 percent of the population can comprehend your content without feeling it to be complicated.


Now you might wonder how to check content readability? The easiest method to check it is to determine your Readable letter grade and your Reach score. If your write-up has a Readable grade A, it means that it has a full 100 percent reach. A grade level of 10 to 12 is approximately the reading level of a person who just completed high school. If you create content for the public, its grade level should be around 8. In business writing, you should also aim for a lower score, as even highly educated readers do not wish to read complex sentences and phrases. 


Your definition of a good score majorly relies on your audience. Keep in mind the following points:

  • If you are creating content for children, the score should be lower or equal to their grade level.

  • If you are writing for the public, the grade level should be 8 or lower.

  • A write-up for a graduate audience should not be above grade level 10. 

  • A write-up for the postgraduate audience should fall between grade levels 10 to 12.


How Can You Check the Score of Readability in Grammarly?


Grammarly is an AI-powered application that tests a person’s writing against various writing parameters. Apart from checking grammar, it also has a readability checker that gives a score between 0 to 100 to any write-up that has been fed into the app. 


Suppose you want to know how to check readability score in Grammarly. In that case, you should open the writing assistant in the application and tap on ‘Performance.’ Below the ‘Readability’ section, you’ll view a numerical score. The greater the score, the easy your content is to read. Usually, you should always aim to get a score of 60 or above that. If your content is showing a score of 60, your paper is easily readable for persons who have an 8th-grade education. It means a typical 13-year-old student in the U.S.


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Summing up


You can improve your content significantly by making it readable for your audience. After knowing all about what is readability in this article, you can start analyzing your text in a different way to improve its accessibility. Simple measures like shortening sentences, using active voice, and short words instead of ling will help you create a clear and understandable text. It, in turn, will allow you to forge a better relationship with your readers.


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