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Hi, my name is Tanushree Jain and I’m a Spoken English trainer at Learner’s Classroom. I am an Electronics Engineer by education and have a master’s degree in Engineering Management from Aston University, England. I have 7+ years of corporate work experience post which I started my journey as a communication skills expert.

I am a certified English language trainer with a certificate from myTEFL for 140 hours masters English TEFL (Teach Englis as a Foregin Language) course. I can help you enhance your communication skills and learn all the aspects of English language, i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. With my communication skills development program, you can get a platform where you can practice how to speak in English correctly and fluently. I train adults and professionals, helping them with Spoken English, so that they can get a chance to progress in life.

My teaching methodology includes:
English Grammar
Confidence Build-Up
Development of Thought Process
Special Words and Phrases
Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening Activities

My teaching material: PDF Files, Flashcards, Self Notes, Audio Files, Video Files, Quizzes, Presentations.

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  • By: Student User
    2 years ago

    I take English lessons for 60 minutes once a week. I want to improve my pronunciation and speak English more fluently, so I am learning the pronunciation and practicing the conversation. I always have a lot of fun and can have plenty of time to speak at the lesson. The teacher is very friendly and she explains the difficult sentence or words in simple English. It is very important for me. I want to learn English in English.

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