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I am Vidhi a Mandarin language expert with Learner’s classroom. Today I am here to share my experience with you all.

Currently I am pursuing Masters in China studies. I believe in making people learn and understand the language, with a keen interest and in a fun loving way. I specialise in providing sessions and classes in both Hindi & English, so that everyone can relate and step up their game in Mandarin as an extra foreign language. My love for this language makes it fun and easy for me to teach it to others. I specialise in:-

-HSK Examination (Embassy Level Chinese Certification with worldwide recognition- There are 6 levels in total, and I have high experience in tutoring upto Level-5)

-Business Mandarin (A unique and specially curated course in Mandarin language, especially for businessmen and business professionals) (All Levels)

-Translating In Mandarin Language (Highly skilled)

-Reading, writing, curating, and interpreting Mandarin as a foreign Language (Highly Skilled).

I have an experience of over 3 years in this field. I have been training people all around the world.

I have different courses as per your various needs and requirements. In the classes we work on all aspects of the language and also confidence with various interactive activities and sessions. The courses can even be customised according to your learning requirements and the learning can be either one-to-one or in small groups.

Further, I believe in providing classes with utmost attention, constant tests and doubt sessions, basic to advance break up of words and then explaining the concepts, as well as most importantly. This is to ensure hastle free, and fast learning process.

Looking forward for a fun based learning with you all!!

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