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Our Online French classes Delhi provides lessons that will teach you the fundamentals of French pronunciation, grammar, phrases, and vocabulary. It will help you master the basics of this language quickly. Embark on your journey to speak French fluently with expert course material and teachers.   

Learner's Classroom

A non-native speaker cannot learn French effectively by reading textbooks. They need to hear the language being used in context by native speakers. Our native French teachers will help you grasp the nuances of this language effortlessly.

Learner's Classroom

Private French classes offer a highly tailored learning experience to students. The skilled French teachers will enable you to perfect your pronunciation. They all work closely on the challenging aspects of French to better your skills fast. Take the sessions as per your convenience on any device of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can gain mastery over this language with Learner's Classroom online French course. The highly proficient carry out self-paced sessions that students can complete on their own. They help students understand sentence structures, phrases, and grammar like articles and verb tenses. You also get plenty of opportunities to test your skills with fun conversation activities. The different reading, speaking, writing, and listening exercises will help you acquire a holistic French learning experience.   
It would help you greatly if you began by taking a French learning online course in India, such as the one offered by Learner's Classroom. It is taught by teachers who are qualified and fluent in this language. With it, you can keep a tab on your progress and check the level of fluency you have acquired. You don't need to be scared of making mistakes while learning the language. The expert trainers will give you valuable feedback, which will help you to improve on your weak areas.
French is not a challenging language to grasp for Indians. On the other hand, it shares many similarities with the English language, in which most Indians are fluent. Both French and English share a common alphabet and a large part of the vocabulary. There are various aspects of the French language that are much more logical than English. So, Indians can understand and become fluent in the language over a short period of time.
After the mother tongue Hindi and second language English, French is one of the most common languages that students across Delhi are opting to learn. French learning provides avenues for many different career options. Learners Classroom provides online French classes Delhi, in which students can learn according to their own pace under experienced French language trainers. Students can gain access to a wide array of interactive course material and schedule a class from any device as per their convenience.
You can learn French online in many ways. There are many apps and podcasts available through which you can become familiar with the language. But it's never a wise idea to depend on them completely. They often have user-generated translations that are inconsistent. Online courses in French like the one offered by Learner's Classroom focus on developing all the four writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. The well-designed and interactive French lessons make the whole process of learning French joyful for every person.
You can become fluent in French in 30 days with some smart study strategies and good learning resources. Start by defining clearly your French learning goals. When you know why you want to learn the language, you'll be more motivated to learn it. It would be ideal if you also create your own personal library of dictionaries and textbooks that provide you with explanations for essential language concepts. To ensure that you do not fall behind in your learning, you can download apps that will help you learn even when you are outside. Lastly, create a good French study plan to stay on track throughout the thirty days.  

What Are the Advantages of Availing a French Learning Online Course in India?

When you decide to learn French online, you expose yourself to numerous benefits. These are as follows.


  • You get to actively practice the new language from the comfort of your home and any location. It's possible to connect with highly experienced French tutors and practice critical concepts over and over again.

  • You can create your own schedule and learn at your own pace. Students can clarify all their queries about a specific issue with an online French tutor who is available 24/7 to resolve their doubts. 

  • You get to work on all the four French language learning skills, that is, speaking, writing, listening, and reading. The program is also completely personalized to your needs and skill levels. It will enable you to understand and learn the French language must faster. 

  • An online lecture also allows you to share your views and experiences with others like you. It ensures that you always remain engaged and keep working on boosting your current levels of learning. 

  • Online learning is also perfect for those who are introverts. It will encourage them to connect more with other people and never let them feel as if they are out of their comfort zone. 

  • A major advantage of seeking online French classes Delhi is the immense convenience they offer. They are ideal for working professionals who are generally pressed for time. You can easily hear the lectures from your office, home, or even while traveling. All you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection.


Is It Difficult to Master the French Language?

The answer to this question majorly depends on your native language and what exactly you consider to be a 'hard' language. French pronunciation is undoubtedly tricky for people to master. It takes continuous practice and repetition to get it right. The language has several vowels, which may seem new to a non-native speaker. 


Many learners find that many words in French are written entirely differently than how they spell them. It may confuse them for a while. It is why it's equally important to practice writing, apart from speaking in the French language. 


You can overcome all French language learning challenges with the right training and course. The efficient French tutors utilize easy methods and intelligent approaches that help students learn the intricacies of French. 

With proactive teacher feedback and well-formatted learning material, you can instantly resolve all your queries and get pass your learning hurdles. It helps you to build strong confidence in your abilities to write, speak, read, and hold conversations with native speakers with ease. 


Why Choose Learner's Classroom to Learn French Online?

When you choose Learner's Classroom to learn French, you get a host of other things, apart from the great learning material. We provide live classes, private lessons, and live projects to help you master the language effectively. You'll get one on one attention from the teacher and instant feedback. 


There's no rule that you need to join a class at a particular time every single day. You can join it anytime you want, whenever you wish. Our trainers also work to instill in you the confidence in your capacity to become fluent in French. The trainers provide you with an immersive learning environment and help you understand the language in context. 

Rest assured that you'll never feel as if you've wasted your money or time even for a moment after starting to learn French online with our course.


How to Connect with Our Expert French Teachers?

Getting in touch with our French tutors is a hassle-free job. Just dial our toll-free number and connect with our expert team. You can communicate all your queries about the course and find which one will suit your needs.


Don't worry if you have to wait for some time after making the call. Our team won't leave you waiting for long. They'll connect with you soon and provide you with detailed information about the French online course. You can also find an online chat option on our site. Just type in your question, and you'll get an answer instantly. We are more than glad to welcome you as a learner and can't wait to see you fulfill your French learning goals with us.